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Would you like to sell your property? We will be glad to help you!
Here we offer a few tips that will help you to sell your house.

What should I do to sell my property? - Tips for Real Estate Sales:

1. Start with an acceptable price

The price for which you offer your house for the first time is critical for a successful home sale. We can gladly advise you or you can give a look online at the major real estate portals and compare your state with similar properties offered in the region where it is located. Therefore, you can easily find a fair market price for your property. The purchase price up to the recent renovations plus the total investments you have made does not serve as basis for pricing; the decisive factor for pricing is the market and the achievable market price.

2. Home Staging - Prepare your property for sale

Home Staging means preparing your home for sale so welcoming and cozy that prospective buyers would want to buy the property right away. Nowadays, many professionals offer this type of service.
Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. External appearance: mow the lawn and trim hedges and shrubs, remove the garbage.
  2. Create space: get rid of useless things - also in the basement, in the attic and in the garage. Disorder makes rooms look smaller.
  3. Repairing: perform minor repairs, such as jammed doors, broken outdoor lights, missing baseboards.
  4. Brushing: If the rooms deserve a new coat of paint, do it. Pay attention to light and use neutral colors. Bright colors are not everyone's taste. Do it on the outside facade, if necessary.
  5. Depersonalization: we recommend presenting your home as neutral as possible. Remove religious or political symbols, superfluous collections as photos of the whole family.


3. The meaningful Exposé

Nowadays it is almost impossible to sell a property without a meaningful exposé. The exposé displays the necessary preliminary information for prospective buyers and gives the basic information about the estate. To be able to create an interesting exposé we need from you:

  1. All data and facts about your property. The more the better. Besides self-evident data, as for example the size and number of rooms, size of land, etc. we also need a copy of some documents such as the energy certificate and the list of the operating costs, as well as a full description of the property and property location.
  2. Send us the floor plan.
  3. Send us photos of your property in JPG.-Format. Take many photos with a digital camera, and in your PC choose the best of them and send it to us. This costs nothing. Important are: external view, view from the garden or from the house with the garden, the bathroom, the kitchen, features such as a fireplace, oven, sauna, floor coverings. Interesting are also photos of special or unique features, such as pretty doorstep, nice bathroom finishing etc. Take time for your photos. Wait for a blue sky. Clean up before you snap. Photos are the first impression prospective buyers will have from your property.

4. During the property viewing with prospective buyers

The viewing is one of the most important moments in the selling process, so here are some tips:

  1. The property needs to be carefully prepared for the visit. Remove clutter and clean up thoroughly. Let disappear anything you do not use often. Decorate the house.
  2. Leave the house. When potential buyers visit your home, it is better if you are not present. Let us do the tour. Sure, you would like to show how great your home is. However, most buyers are shy in the presence of the seller, they feel not free to just to look around and express openly what they like and what not. When alone, it is easier for buyers to ask us questions and we can manage to answer those questions and get the attention of the customer to the positive aspects of the property.

Worth knowing - Buying process of a property in Italy

Despite the geographical proximity, Italian real estate law differs in many ways from German and Austrian real estate law. All EU citizens are handled equal Italians when buying a property. The same is even true for Americans, thanks to a bilateral agreement. The process to buy a real estate in Italy develops on individual steps as described below:

The (irrevocable) purchase proposal

(in Italian "Proposta irrevocabile di Compravendita" - art 1329 c.c.) If you have chosen a property, the first step to acquire it, is to do an irrevocable purchase offer "proposta irrevocabile di acquisto di immobile". With this offer, you commit yourself, for a certain period of time, to buy the property at a fixed price. To show the seriousness of your purchase proposal, you must hand over the broker (who acts as a fiduciary), a deposit sum in form of a bank check. The broker will send your proposal with a copy of the bank check to the owner of the property. If he accepts the proposal, the deposit sum will be passed to him by the broker. If he does not accept your offer, the bank check will be given back to you. If, after the proposal was accepted by the seller, you decide to take distance from your initial project and no longer want to buy the property, the deposited sum remains with the seller. If the buyer changes his mind, after accepting the proposal and decides not to sell to you, the deposit sum will be given back to you. If everything goes as planned and the seller accepts your offer, a preliminary contract will be the next step.

The preliminary contract

(in Italian "Compromesso" or "Contratto di Compravendita preliminare" - art 1351, c.c.) The Italian real estate law provides the parties the possibility to close a legally binding document ("compromesso di compravendita" or "contratto preliminare"), in which the parties commit to conclude the purchase agreement. The preliminary contract already contains all essential elements, which are also going to be used to formulate the purchase contract. A notarization is not mandatory, but the written form is required. If the deal is made by a notary, he will check if the property is charged with loans, mortgages etc., if it is the indeed object for sale, and if all necessary building approvals are in order. By signing the preliminary contract, you usually pay 10% - 30% of the purchase price (Caparra Confirmatoria – art. 1385 c.c.) in form of a certified bank check or per bank transfer. The payment made by the Compromesso, is regarded as security for the contract compliance by both parties. If you now take distance of your purchase intent, the seller has the right to keep your deposit as a penalty. If the seller resigns from his intention to sell, he must reimburse the amount paid and in addition pay the same amount again, as penalty.

The notarial purchase agreement

("Rogito" or "Atto di Compravendita" - art 1350 c.c.) Despite the binding preliminary contract, the parties must conclude, through a notary act, a purchase agreement, to officialize the proper property acquisition. Without the purchase agreement the transfer of ownership does not take place. The purchase contract only confirms the content specified in the preliminary contract and completes its outstanding points. The purchase agreement is subject to stricter procedural requirements than the preliminary contract thereby the transfer of ownership is concluded. After conclusion of the agreement, an entry of the contract in the Italian real estate register (mostly property register) takes place. The registration has a pronouncement character. If the preliminary agreement has already been entered in the register, the purchase agreement replaces it. For the conclusion of the purchase agreement, buyers and sellers need an Italian tax number, the so-called "codice fiscale". This may be requested at every Italian district tax office or at the Italian General Consulate. The choice and payment of the notary is made by the buyer

Are foreigners allowed to a buy a house in Italy?

EU citizens are not subject to any special provisions for the acquisition of a property in Italy; the same applies to Americans due to a bilateral agreement.

Italy uses the principle of reciprocity.

Currently there are some limitation for Swiss citizens. Crucially, whether the acquisition could be concluded and under what conditions, depends on if the buyer is a natural or legal person. Due to a reciprocal agreement with the EU from 1.6.2002, Swiss citizens are allowed to buy a property without any restrictions as primary residence. They may also buy it as a second home when it comes to residences, holiday homes or living units whose net living area does not exceed 200sqm; the plot of land may be extended up to an area of ​​1000m². Commercial real estate may be purchased without restrictions.

Learn more about countries and their regulations about purchasing a property in Italy under:


Why to hire a broker?

Reasons for sellers

The task of a broker is not only to promote an object or carry out viewings. You can do it yourself. Nobody knows your property better than you! But that is where the difficulty lies.

1. Determine the “Right Price”

Many memories, investments, perhaps a lot of work and love were dedicated to your property. You as seller will consider those values in your selling price. The problem is, that the potential buyer does not have this relationship with your property, and might not be willing to pay for this. The main task of a broker is therefore to bring the two parties together and negotiate on a neutral level and find a price which is plausible for seller and buyer.

2. Advertising Strategy & Appointment Preparation

How do you market your property? Is your Exposé optimally prepared? Do you reach a large number of the potential buyers with your advertising measures? Do you check the credentials of the prospective buyers before a viewing? If you are not sure of your answers, then you might consider hiring a broker.

3. Time saving

The basis for successful real estate marketing is good accessibility. Time, is one of the highest values ​​in our modern hectic and especially performance-oriented society. That is why it is so important to consciously use the little free time that remains for relaxing and togetherness with family or friends. Many property owners are not aware of how time consuming an effective marketing of their property can be. Here again a professional will help you and you will save a lot of time for the important things in life.

4. Achievement of the asked price

Can you evaluate the financing plan of the prospective buyer? What will you do, if the buyer needs a mortgage or needs advice from an accountant? What will you do, if the buyer wants to give an old property as part of the payment? How can you ensure that you get your money on time? You need strategies to deal with those scenarios.

5. Legal Affairs

Who will represent your interests at the notary? Did you know that sellers are liable for any statements? Do you have a financial loss liability insurance? Who will protect you against unjustified demands of prospective buyers? Who has checked whether there are requirements in the Land Registry, which interfere? Do you want to sell your property? Are you interested in our services? Please visit our Services for Sellers page and contact us!

Reasons for buyers

Many people dream of buying their own property or vacation home, but it is not easy to find the right dream home, especially in other countries. We would like to mention a few reasons why hiring an estate agent can be very helpful:

1. Price evaluation

A professional real estate agent knows his market and market-driven price. In real estate transactions there are many points to be observed to avoid pitfalls; a professional can save a lot of money in that case.

2. Knowledge of the environment

Many real estate seekers do not have any knowledge of the surroundings where they intent to buy a property, or have a misconception of it. This happens, for those who need to move to another city/state or want to buy a property abroad. A real estate agent will be a clear help in terms of service philosophy.

3. Time saving

Of course you can search a property yourself, and directly contact the seller or many brokers at the same time, but that takes a lot of time. What many customers do not know, is that many real estate agencies (like us) offer a free search service. Through a search service, the broker starts searching the right property for you, and very often he is cooperating with other brokers in order to offer the most appropriate real estate selection.

4. Legal matters

Again, who will represent your interests at the notary? The rules to buy a property in foreign countries are different from your country of origin, so it is very important to familiarize yourself with the legal situation before making a purchase. A good broker can speak the language of the country and knows the legal issues involving the purchase of a property.